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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the netball shooting Up and In e-book?

If you're a coach...

I have coached many school and representative teams and understand the importance of introducing new training material/concepts to your players. Sometimes it's difficult to coach on a particular aspect of the game if you haven't played in that position yourself, for example I often had to chat with my circle defender friend's about tips and defensive strategies. As I have been playing in the goal circle for many years, I've learnt a few tricks/shooter 'secrets' along the way. This book covers all the skills you need to be a top level netball shooter and you can pass this advice onto your aspiring netball shooters too.

If you're a player...

This netball shooting e-book is written for you! It is stacked with information about shooting confidence, goal-setting and neat plays you can to annoy your defenders. If you're not sure too sure what you should be practising, this e-book contains 18 netball shooting cards which you can print out and take to your nearest shooting post.

Why was the Up and In e-book written?

Through high school and my representative netball career, I’ve had fantastic coaches who have taught me valuable skills about goal-shooting, from goal-setting (both short and long-term) to sneaky passes to set plays to simulated training sessions. I wanted to share the information I picked up over the last 15 years in an e-book that could be accessed easily online.

View a quick video about the Up and In netball shooting e-book below.

Who is the Up and In e-book written for?

The e-book is really a shooter’s handbook written for 12 – 16 year old netball shooters (or those of you who want to become a shooter) and covers the basics (shooting technique, set plays) to more advanced lessons (such as exercises that help to become a stronger shooter, shooter psychology tips and more). Club and high school coaches may also find this information useful if they ever lead specialised sessions with their goal shooters.

Who wrote the book?


My name is Leanne Hughes and I started playing netball at the age of 12 for a club division 2 team in Brisbane, Australia. From the minute my hand touched the ball I loved playing netball and have played for my state and in international test series.

Netball Experience
Playing Positions: GA, GS
Height: 176cm


Representative Playing History First netball team: St Catherines Netball Club; Under 12 division 2.

Papua New Guinea 2009: Test matches vs Samoa, Cook Islands, Samoa U21's

NT U21 - 2004 Australian National Championships QLD U21 - 2003 Australian National Championships QLD U19 - 2001 - 2002 Australian National Championships QLD U17 - 2000 Australian National Championships State
Queensland Academy of Sport - 1999 Scholarship